Established in 2000, CAHRU is dedicated to improving understanding of child and adolescent health in Scotland.

Cross-national comparisons and evaluation of health-related programmes and interventions are core aspects of our work and particular attention is given to young people's perceptions and the influence of social context. The effects of family, peers, socioeconomic circumstances and school are considered in relation to key determinants of health including physical activity, smoking, risk behaviours and mental health. The Unit has an important role as the International Coordinating Centre of the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) World Health Organisation Collaborative Cross-national Study, which at present involves 45 countries across Europe and North America.

Latest news

Alcohol Report
04 Oct 2018

Dr Jo Inchley and Mrs Dorothy Currie authored a WHO report on trends and inequalities in adolescent drinking behaviours across Europe, launched on the 26 September 2018. Their work was reported by the: BBC (TV, radio and online), BMJ, Guardian, Lancet, Telegraph, Times and international media in…